Window Tinting FAQ

Learn More about Commercial and Residential Window Film

What can I use to wash my tinted windows?
Use Windex, Glass Plus, or soap and water with a rubber squeegee, soft cotton cloth or paper towels. Avoid using anything abrasive.

How long will Vista and LLumar window film last?
Both the residential and commercial window films we install carry lifetime warranties against any type of cracking, peeling, discoloring, blistering, or delamination as well as defects in workmanship.

Will the film make my windows or room look dark?
No. Most films, including LLumar and Vista window film, can hardly be detected, but the difference can be felt.

Will the film reduce my heating and cooling costs?
Yes. In the winter, window film helps insulate the glass and keep heat in, reducing energy costs. In the summer, the film controls the solar heat gain, thus reducing your cooling costs. On average, clients can expect to see a 15% reduction in energy costs once window film is installed.

We have dual pane windows. Can they be tinted?
Yes! Dual pane or thermal pane have two pieces about 1/2″ apart with gas sealed in-between, and are very common in today’s buildings. Your windows can be tinted, but certain guidelines need to be followed because dual panes are more vulnerable to stress than single pane windows.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact Custom Window Tinting. We’d be happy to answer any questions, before, during or after your window film installation.